Fumble, by Craig Schroeder

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  1. barbacuano says:

    You misinterpreted Chaco’s aspirations, he does not desire to return to Buenvenatura, on the Pacific coast where he’s from. He desires to return to “the North” as in North America where he was recently deported from. That is where he got his wardrobe from…in the film he has already been to North America and come back to Colombia. Throughout the film he mentions how he left the county because he was discriminated as a Black man, while it had gone better for him in Canada.

    • Craig says:

      It’s been a while now since I originally saw the film, I do remember his aspirations to go back north but if I remember correctly, he shares a moment with Tomas where they both express a desire to get out of the city and to the coast, where they spent their childhood with their family. While he frequently spoke about North America, that always seemed like a persona Chaco was affecting to gain more credibility with his friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he would prefer to be in North America more than his current station in life, but what rang more true to me was both boys desire to live in a place where they can remember some facsimile of a life they had left behind with their father.

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