Galveston: But Don’t Give Yourself Away, by Scott Nye

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    Apparently, “Jim Hammett” is indeed a pseudonym Nic Pizzolatto chose to reflect the changes Laurent made to his screenplay without having to go through the WPA arbitration process:

  2. Nic Pizzolatto says:

    I’m sorry Scotty boy but this is one of the worst reviews I have ever read on a film. And let me be clear, it’s not because we don’t share the same opinion, I didn’t like Galveston either (the book ruined the movie for me. It’s a fantastic read and it didn’t translate well). Your attempt at shaming the writers with the notion that it carries a “machismo” (LOL) agenda is, well, a disgrace to the efforts of everyone, not just the writers, who took time to work on the project. “How am I doing that?” you might say. Well, ask yourself why anyone would work on a project that is in awe of its own awesomeness, when that awesomeness is defined, by you, as “essential masculinity”? Particularly those in Hollywood? Little Elle Fanning? You’re also insulting Nic Pizzolatto, one of the better writers in the genre. Take a step back and realize what you’re doing here: you’re using a critique on CRIME NOIR to further your social justice warrior agenda, which I am willing to bet without reading any other of your reviews, try to push elsewhere. Save it dude.

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