Get Back to Work! by David Bax

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  1. Eric says:

    Nicely written review. I haven’t seen the film but based on the trailer your comments don’t surprise me.

    It is interesting to me that these types of comedies, with nerdy or misanthropic types as protagonists, always seem to hinge on the “hero” getting the girl–not just any girl, but the hot, sexy, popular girl–the kind the writers clearly wished they were banging in high school. Their success is contingent on having sex with this girl (or maybe even entering into a relationship with her, but sex is what makes him a man) and it is in that quest that the character wins the audience’s approval. Never does the hero realize that he and the hot girl aren’t compatible and that he should have been looking all along at the less (conventionally) attractive girl with an appealing personality, intelligence, and wit; sex with hot girl = triumph, any other outcome (including emotional fulfillment with a more suitable partner) = failure.

    I dunno. As a male I find it a little insulting that this empty wish-fulfillment is thought to be all that is important to me and your thoughts on the women in the film are a very succinct elucidation of that subject.

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