Glee Club, by David Bax

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  1. DJ says:

    While Glee is definitely a factor in the success of the film, Pitch Perfect is not a direct attempt to capitalize on it. I believe David is misinformed, or, at least, forgetting to mention that the film is based on the Micky Rapkin book “Pitch Perfect,” which is a non-fiction book about the real world of collegiate a cappella music. It is not glee club, which can use instruments. It is not necessarily “lifted” from the Ryan Murphy series. I have not seen the film. I cannot attest to its sense of humor. It may, in fact, be a hollow attempt to rope in fans of Glee. However, by not mentioning the book at all, I believe David may have missed the point. It is an adaptation of real experiences involving The Beelzebubs, The Hallabahoos, and Divisi, which are a cappella groups that have received national and international acclaim. Again, I haven’t seen the film, so it may be as transparent as David claims, but I wanted to make sure that this information was given the light of day.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      You’re correct that the movie is based on a book but my assumption is that the adaptation was greenlit largely due to the success of Glee.

      – David

  2. DJ says:

    Fair enough. I think that’s a big assumption to make, but I appreciate the response. It still feels careless that you wouldn’t even bother to mention the source material, which was written pre-glee, and the events in the story come directly from experiences in the book, but I respect your opinion. Calling it “shameless” seems a bit harsh, but I admit that I am biased and much less informed than you.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I believe I am justified in not mentioning the book because it would appear to have provided little more than the setting. The narrative of the film felt to me like a response to the Glee phenomenon. Then again, perhaps I’m the biased one as someone who watches every episode of Glee.

      – David

  3. DJ says:

    That’s interesting. I think I was hoping it would be better than you portray it to be. Thanks for responding to me!

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