Hammer-Rama: The Devil Rides Out, by Alexander Miller

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    This was actually the first Hammer film I ever saw, because it was on a list of underrated horror movies. When I eventually saw Hammer’s first Dracula, Frankenstein & Mummy movies I was really disappointed that they didn’t seem to trust Lee with any dialogue.

  2. Alexander Miller says:

    Yeah it’s funny with the following Dracula movies, the scripts got more and more minimal; Prince of Darkness he doesn’t have any lines of dialogue, he was compelled to work on Taste the Blood of Dracula because someone said he’s be putting people out of work if he didn’t play the count. Ironically Brides of Dracula is one of Hammer’s best Dracula movies and Lee isn’t even in it.

    Part of it was Lee’s reluctance toward Dracula, he’s a great actor but with the Hammer films I always liked the Frankenstein series more because Cushing was way more committed to the character.
    But more on those later; thanks for reading!

  3. FictionIsntReal says:

    I only saw the original “Horror of Dracula”, and he hardly talks in that. Karloff got to remove his mummy wrappings quickly to masquerade as a modern Egyptian, but Hammer gives that role to someone else while Lee stays a mummy.

  4. Alexander Miller says:

    Lee didn’t think much of the script, Devil Rides Out is killer because Lee’s a proactive badass. I think by the time he got to Taste the Blood of Dracula he would only do it if he didn’t have any dialogue.

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