What the Hell Are You Watching?!: Vermont Film Essentials Halloween Special

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    I’ve never heard anyone try to tie “The Thing” to Watergate, partly because it’s a more faithful adaptation of “Who Goes There?” than the Howard Hawks original (Ryan Vlastelica recently highlighted all three versions as non-metaphoric horror tales all about “craft”). And Romero has always denied his casting in Night of the Living Dead was about anything other than acting ability, he got more interested in political commentary with later films. I’m unsure what “vampire film set in Nazi Germany” they’re referring to. Shadow of the Vampire is the closest I can think of and that’s too early. Guillermo del Toro’s distinction between the tale & the telling of it sounds like Roger Ebert’s “not what the movie’s about but how it’s about it”, whereas all your log-line descriptions of movies sound like the former.

    I find it somewhat odd that you give all the credit for the Dawn of the Dead remake to James Gunn, and none to director Zack Snyder.

    Wes Craven already “turned the lens on himself” by playing himself in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. That’s his 8 1/2, not Scream. An even more surprising omission from you guys than The Hills Have Eyes (whose remake is also sometimes considered better).

    Renny Harlin is not a “great director”. He’s the hack hired to replace Paul Schrader when his Exorcist prequel didn’t have the expected jump-scares. Deep Blue Sea is probably one of his more beloved movies nowadays, mostly ironically.

    The only Friday the 13th film I’ve seen is Jason Takes Manhattan, but I read recently that the final girl of the original Friday was NOT chaste. So perhaps our idea of what slashers were really like has been distorted by things like Scream. I know John Carpenter has said he didn’t intend for there to be any connection between sex & death in Halloween (I know in contrast it’s actually relevant to the killer’s motivation in Friday the 13th).

    One of the things I like about the original Halloween is the lack of much backstory/explanation for Michael Myers. He’s just pure evil, and who knows why. I have no interest in seeing the Rob Zombie Halloweens because I don’t need an explanation.

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