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9 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Thank you for watching this film, so I won’t have to.
    I occasionally get in the mood to watch strange films that are considered “edgy” but this crosses to many of my lines. Glad to know I’m not missing a masterpiece.

  2. DJ says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE ONE OF YOU GUYS ACTUALLY WATCHED THIS! I think this article is right on the mark. Very interesting and objective view. Thanks!

  3. Matt Warren says:

    Can I borrow your guys’s screener of this? I don’t even know if I’m joking or not.

  4. Battleship Pretension says:

    Yeah, you can borrow it. But I seriously need to get it back from you.

    Not sure if I’m joking or not, either.

    – David

  5. whatever says:

    “They say it’s about the self-destructive nature of a country rushing headlong to catch up with the first world.”

    That’s a very interesting interpretation of the director’s statements but completely incorrect .

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      The way you state that makes me think you’re more interested in disagreeing with me than in discussing anything but I hope I’m just reading it wrong. I’m open to the idea that I’ve misinterpreted the words of Spasojević and his defenders. For the record, though, I’m referring to statements from the director like this (from the film’s official UK website): “Serbia is merely a reflection of the ways of today’s New World in general, as it tries to imitate it and fails miserably.”

      – David

      • whatever says:

        I know which quote you were referring to but it is not quite the meaning the director was going for . “Self-destructive nature” is not the term the director would use for example .

        Your criticisms of the movie are very justifiable however . Your observations about boredom etc.

        This movie is a result of a deep dissatisfaction with postwar capitalist society and Serbian cinema . This is the reason for the film within a film . Vukmir is based on a well known director in Serbia and the horrors are intended to show the “terror of political correctness.” Spasojevic and Radivojevic are tired of what they call Red Cross movies , movies about war criminals and victims and other such type of politically correct films which they see as being sponsored by the EU and other western states .

        This film is intentionally bad as it is a big middle finger to the Serbian film industry and government . It is essentially a parody . You can read the wikipedia talk page to find out more .

        Now whether it is good or bad in terms of horror or action thriller i really have no opinion on the matter just informing what it is all about .

        • Battleship Pretension says:

          Thanks for responding.

          I like your points but I think that making an intentionally bad film is a risky undertaking no matter what one is trying to achieve.

          And I still think the effects of trying to imitate the New World and failing miserably could be described as self-destructive.

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