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  1. lennart says:

    I just watched Chronicle a few weeks back, and it’s funny that I didn’t get taken out of it as much by the video gimmick. Perhaps I haven’t seen as many ‘found footage’ movies, but it just didn’t really strike me as much.
    I think I just kinda went along with it at first because it was more or less believable that they’d be filming certain situations. And when it maybe dragged the gimmick out past believability I kinda fell for it, hook line and sinker.
    I think also that I kinda just got caught up in the situation, and I was so focused on the story (which I loved as well) that I forgot to notice the video gimmick. I think I kinda made a transition in my mind from watching ‘story told through video gimmick’ to ‘movie’ without being aware of it? My instinct is to compare that transition a bit to the much more explicit one in ‘Behind the Mask.’ That’s not to say that Chronicle makes this sort of transition at all, but perhaps that that’s how my viewing may have changed? Ultimately though, I just kinda got caught up in the story, and the mechanics of the storytelling became unimportant.
    I totally get how someone could be taken out of it by the gimmick though.

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