Home Video Hovel: Desire, by David Bax

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2 Responses

  1. required says:

    Good review – you’re right about the Google search – in the end the film and random porn are difficult to distinguish.

    On a separate note, I enjoyed watching an early, legitimate, attempt (I think we’ll see much more of this in the coming years) at conflating porn and cinema. People have tried before (my pre-pubescent mind conjures scenes from “Showgirls”) – but without decent cinematography, music, and (on the other “right” hand), beautiful performers that can act (and “are game”).

    I think this film is worth viewing if only for the pivotal role it could have in the evolving morals of cinema (and the eventual impact on fascist organizations such as the MPAA)

  2. Shafi says:

    A bit too harsh,David. This may not win Oscar but worth watching than movies those propagate phony or biased views or ideas.Find Q better than those war movies for sure.

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