Home Video Hovel: Hard to Be a God, by Scott Nye

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  1. Jackson H. says:

    I saw this a couple months back at my local arthouse and I’m totally with you. It makes no sense, and not a moment goes by without someone spitting or picking their nose or pissing on the ground. Somehow, though, I was also captivated. The other fun factor was the absurd number of walkouts throughout the screening, right up until ten minutes before the end (which made me wonder why they didn’t just stick it out). I’m pretty sure at one point a guy went out and yelled at the theater attendants about how terribly offensive the film was. Not sure I would ever sit through it again, at least not unless it was on the big screen with an audience. But I wouldn’t trade that one viewing experience for the world.

    • Scott Nye says:

      I definitely saw some walkouts, too, when I first caught it in theaters. But luckily they were abandoning the comfy couches, so some friends of mine were able to upgrade their seating. I am always amused by people leaving very close to the end – just check your watch, people! – but maybe not everyone’s as attentive to running times as I, and by the time you get to the two-hour-forty-five-minute mark of a movie like HARD TO BE A GOD, you may be convinced it will never end.

  2. Jackson H. says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that my favorite part was when Don Rumata opened a door and an owl flew out and landed on his shoulder. Such a badass image that totally caught me by surprise.

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