Home Video Hovel: Like Someone in Love, by Scott Nye

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3 Responses

  1. Davide says:

    I watched this film the other day and really liked it as well! It seems effortless in its simplicity and beauty, but of course there’s a lot of thinking behind it. I loved the performances especially the old man 🙂 again very subtle and nuanced. Great pacing too, my only complaint is the very ending..

    • Scott Nye says:

      I’d hate to spoil it here for anyone else, but suffice to say that, while I’ve not yet been able to wrap my head around it intellectually, it caused such a visceral emotional reaction, perfectly coalescing the general feeling of unease that precedes it, that I really, really loved it.

      • Davide says:

        I wish I could have had that reaction! Maybe when I rewatch it..
        Enjoyed reading your review 🙂

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