Home Video Hovel: Room 237, by David Bax

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3 Responses

  1. andyluvsfilms says:

    My favourite was the fake moon landing guy, he’s the winner.

  2. Duncan says:

    I think the film works better as a look at fan obsession, than as a critical examination of The Shining. In fact, Kubrick’s film is almost incidental to the crackpot theories Ascher’s subjects have constructed.

    What’s fascinating is how pop culture can bring out the obsessive-compulsive geek in all of us. I just wish Ascher has explored that a little more, rather than played along with these insane (and insanely thin) conspiracies. Still, you can’t deny the hypnotic look and feel of the documentary.

  3. Sarah Brinks says:

    I think the most pertinent point was made right near the end when one of the interviewers finally admits that these theories and themes are likely unintended themes. One of the magical things about movies are that peoples’ personal experiences and points of view means that they get different things out the same movie. It is the interviewees in the films that stated their theories as facts that I had an issue with.

    All that being said, I thought some of the mapping stuff was interesting, especially when they mapped out Danny’s rides on his big wheel.

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