Home Video Hovel: The Man Who Cheated Himself, by David Bax

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  1. Roger Cornelison says:

    I also like “The Man Who Cheated Himself”. Another reviewer, whose name I cannot recall, pointed out that it can be seen as a quasi-prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”. This is particularly so in the John Dall character, who, as you point out, resembles Jimmy Stewart’s character in the Hitchcock film.

    I apologize for nitpicking, but the finale is not set in an abandoned factory. It is set in Old Fort Point, a coastal defence fort of the 1870’s which was used as a military installation up through the end of the Second World War, but which was abandoned and dilapidated at the time of “The Man Who Cheated Himself”. It had been restored as a historical site and tourist attraction at the time of “Vertigo” and a significant scene of that film is set there. Thank you for your excellent review!

  2. If they both kept their mouths shut they couldn’t have proved a thing especially with the outrageous odds of finding another gun that had matching rifleing…the brother would have had to bite the bullet even if he knew….besides with a brother like him who needs enemies

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