Home Video Hovel- The Shadow, by Tyler Smith

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  1. Marc says:

    You pretty much hit every single point of why I’ve always loved this movie. My dad and I were ravenous fans of The Shadow radio show back when I was in elementary school and middle school (and still are), so when this movie came out, I was overjoyed and a bit puzzled since it seemed like Hollywood had made something just for us–who else had ever heard of The Shadow in 1994? I found it vibrant, exciting, flashy, and a whole lot of fun. I hate that it flopped and that people equate its lack of financial success with its quality since it’s as good as first-rate, throwaway Hollywood pulp adventure gets (also love Dick Tracy and The Rocketeer, though The Phantom is cheesy as hell). Now that this new Blu-Ray is out, I’ve seen other complimentary review pop up around the net, so I feel like the right people are bringing it back. Now if we can only drum up a renaissance for Sylvester Stallone’s brilliant 1991 farce Oscar…

    P.S. I’ve had the main title of Goldsmith’s tingling score in my head on and off for decades now (damn–decades!), so here it is again, just for old time’s sake…


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