Home Video Hovel: The Sicilian, by Tyler Smith

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  1. Alexander Miller says:

    Just listened to the latest Movie Journal and found that your reaction to The Sicilian pretty consistent with other reviews out there. FX Feeney championed a lot of Cimino’s work and, as you might know (if you saw the documentary Z Channel A Magnificent Obsession) was an early supporter of Heaven’s Gate with Jerry Harvey who were both friends with Cimino so I think that had an effect on his objectivity.

    The Sicilian is by no means a great movie, and Lambert is a total lump in the lead role, I think the tagline on the VHS was “before The Godfather there was …The Sicilian”.

    Anyway, if you haven’t already seen it, and want to watch a good movie about Salvatore Giuliano check out Francesco Rosi’s film simply titled Salvatore Giuliano. It’s devoid of the idealized characterization of the subject, which sounded like one of your main issues with The Sicilian. I was expecting Rosi to deify the famous partisan/bandit due to the close proximity to the actual events and the genre of neo-realism being a direct result of Italy’s political climate. But his 1961 film is a fascinating effort, not to mention a lot easier to watch than Cimino’s thing.

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