I Do Movies Badly: Naked

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    I’ve lived in Chicago for years and I can’t think of any specific person who resembles Johnny.

    Bush Sr wasn’t president in 1993, Clinton was. At least after his inauguration in January.

    Johnny isn’t “drawn” to London, he just flees Manchester after he gets in trouble there and he happens to have an ex-girlfriend in London where he can crash for a little while.

    We don’t get any indication that Johnny’s attitude is the result rather than cause of his circumstances. I know you say that you infer that from people you know, but in order to avoid post hoc reasoning you would need to know that other people in similar circumstances don’t also turn out that way. It’s my understanding that personality is highly heritable, so people can express it even under significantly different life histories.

    Of course “levels” of badness always matter. That doesn’t make the Criterion essay correct.

    You should generally hold your opinion tentatively simply because we’re all fallible rather than because a critic who disagrees with you might belong to a different demographic group. Just assume that there exist all sorts of people with all sorts of different opinions.

    Is it at all contradictory for a great film to be problematic?

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