It Is Useless to Resist, by Daniel Bergamini

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  1. J Johnson says:

    I had the same issue you had with “A New Hope” when I finally watched the Indiana Jones movies. I never got around to seeing the first movie until 2005 (I was 22). By this time I had seen so many parodies and rip-offs that I was bored with most of this movie. However, there are some movies that don’t get watered-down by these references.

    You mentioned how “The Empire Strikes Back” had the famous scene at the end that you had spoiled, but it still kept its impact. Sunset Boulevard is an example I can think of where I had heard the famous last lines of the movie about Norma Desmond’s “close-up” countless amounts of times. But when I saw the movie for the first time, I was blown away (particularly by the tone; I had not expected it to be such a frightening scene).

    It makes me wonder about people who mention “spoilers” or get offended by others “spoiling” a movie. If it was truly a great movie, can it be spoiled?

  1. February 24, 2011

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