It: Be Safe, by Tyler Smith

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    “Stuttering”, “overweight”, “homeschooled” and “lone female” are not personalities. I didn’t find the ensemble that well drawn, they mostly seemed like a bunch of cliches.

    I was under the impression that Pennywise was deliberately letting them live so it their fear could feed it, because there are many situations where it could have eaten them but doesn’t. That raises the question of why it DOES eat/kill people outside of the “Loser’s Club”, but at any rate it resulted in me being less scared any of the ensemble would buy the farm.

  2. Jackson H. says:

    It has emerged in recent years as not only my favorite Stephen King novel (the only one I’ve read twice), but one of my favorite books overall. And the noble efforts off Tim Curry aside, I rather despise the miniseries because it’s basically the cinematic version of an outline. The bullet-point version of the story.

    Naturally this led to my skepticism with regard to the new adaptation. Back when Cary Fukunaga was directing and Will Poulter was playing Pennywise the Dancing Clown, I was curious in a sort of perverse way. Then the development process happened again and oh well whatever.

    I have to say, though, I was mostly pleased with the result. The soul of the story remains intact, I think. It’s hard to judge that, though, because this is only half the story after all. I do agree with most of your criticisms, though. While the book is rich in detail, sometimes to the point of tedium, the movie seems content to paint in broad strokes. Granted, the strokes are much more beautiful than the ones from the miniseries, but they’re still pretty broad.

    I’ve simply accepted that It is best experienced as a book. There are certain aspects of it that wouldn’t work so well on film. Even an extended format such as television could never capture Stephen King’s grand, twisted vision without losing something along the way. And that’s why I can just let this film be what it is: the best possible mainstream entertainment that can be culled from such insane source material.

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