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Monday Movie: Ran, by Jason Eaken

Akira Kurosawa + Shakespeare = See this movie. Made in 1985, Ran contains some of the most stunningly photographed battle footage set to film. It transposes the tale of King Lear to Japan, as three brothers fight with each other and their...


The Room, Revisited, by Jason Eaken

I moved to Los Angeles in August of 2009. I had recently completed a 50-minute short film and was certain that Sundance couldn’t wait to accept it, praise it, and launch my film career (Ah, youth…). Within a few weeks...


Desk Job, by Jason Eaken

 Directed by Jason Eaken, Desk Job is the story of Travis Hardacre, a lonely insurance adjuster working out of his cramped apartment. He juggles demanding clients, hostile managers, stacks of files, and his own mounting anger, eventually starting to...

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