Jim’s Top Ten Films of 2022

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    considering no military combat of any kind is either cool or exciting

    “Cool” can be granted, but a life-or-death struggle not being exciting seems bizarre to me.

    I wound up agreeing with Matt Yglesias on The Batman: he’s not a good detective at all.

    I saw Memoria for the first/only time this year, but the actual reason I wouldn’t put it first on a list of 2022 movies is because Banshees (as well as some other movies on your list) is well ahead of it.

    Your list is more evidence that I need to watch Barbarian, which oddly never reached Redbox (which is what I usually rely on for movies I missed in theaters).

  2. Jim Rohner says:

    I suppose that there is something to be said about the subjective experience of chemical reactions inside the human body during combat, but I am not the type to respond to real life war and human casualties by saying “that’s exciting.”

    I think that while The Batman certainly emphasizes detective skills more than past Batman films have, it doesn’t depict him as an already great detective. It doesn’t depict him as an already great anything (except pugilist); that’s the crux of his whole journey. He’s learning through his failures – his failure with Alfred, his failure with flying, his failure with uncovering a mystery that involved his own family. His crime fighting approach as we’re introduced to him is literally to attack a problem in a superficial, visceral way. True detective work is new ground and gets to the source of a problem, rather than a symptom. So, is he a great detective in this film? Not really, but I believe that we’ll see how he’s incorporated the lessons he learned from this film in the next installment.

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