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Conan and Schwarzenegger, by Kate Voss

Conan the Barbarian is largely thought of to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in a loincloth. With the new Legend of Conan film featuring Arnold in the titular role once again, this is a pop culture image sure to be carried on...


What Inspired Game of Thrones, by Kate Voss

Game of Thrones has become a pop culture juggernaut, crossing from the realm of literature into a hit HBO series and helping complete the evolution of cable into the premiere platform for captivating television series. While the writing skill of...


Top 5 Home Invasion Horror Films, by Kate Voss

Halloween’s around the corner, and what better way to spend it than watching intruder horror flicks when you’re home alone? Home invasion films are exactly as the name implies: movies that feature a killer breaking into the protagonist’s home as...


The Faces Behind the Voices of The Simpsons, by Kate Voss

With the coming television season, The Simpsons brings their season count to 26. The show began humbly in the late eighties when cartoonist Matt Groening (who has since championed other successful animated programs including Futurama) began contributing crudely animated sketches...


Top 10 Valentine’s Day Horror Films, by Kate Voss

Sitting down to a bowl of popcorn and a romantic movie, possibly with your significant other, is a great way to spend the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. You know what’s even better, though? Watching a classic,...

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