Kyle’s Top Ten of 2011

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4 Responses

  1. Carlos C Rubi says:

    Nice list!

  2. Were seeming titans like Certified Copy, The Tree of Life, Meek’s Cutoff, A Separation, Nostalgia for the Light, Beginners, Mysteries of Lisbon, or House of Pleasures considered? Not meant as condemnation or condescension in any way, just curious as to the mindset behind this (well-written) piece.

  3. Nostra says:

    This is a very nice list and can agree with almost all the choices. Saw Tinker Tailor this week and that’s the only one we seem to differ in opinion. I had a very hard time understanding what was going on and who was who.

    Were there any movies you would have liked to see but missed out on?

  4. Kyle Anderson says:


    The truth of the matter is that I didn’t see any of those movies you listed so I could only go on what I saw.


    There were lots of movies I didn’t get a chance to see but hope to, like “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” “Tyrannosaur,” and all those movies Charles mentioned.

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