Little Hero, Big Problems, by Tyler Smith

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  1. bob says:

    Oh, pish posh. It’s a fun movie, and the IMAX 3D made the shrinking-scenes fantastic. But yeah, it’s not perfect.

    i read Reed’s comemnts where he was super pleased that they got it in under 2 hour running time. I agree – it’s nice to not have a 2:20 slog, but so many of the characters felt undercooked (Lang, the villian, etc).

    I mean, i realize the villian’s motivation is a mix of “daddy issues” augmented by a barely-justified “mental illness” brought on by his particles. It’s a metaphor for corporate greed & power, but it’s still cheap and undercooked for a “villian”.

    Though, really – did Obadiah Stane have much more character development? I guess, kinda. Also, Bridges embued him with such authenticity, and the implied “surrogate father” of it all helped a lot.

    As far as the hoary deadbeat-dad subplot…well, i guess we gotta cook up motivation somehow, right?

    What gets me is: it would have been more believable out of someone younger. It’s a reversal for me: usually i like it when older people are cast, to make things more realistic. But 45-year old Rudd (who looks…35?) seems too old to be making such poor decisions.

    And frankly, wouldn’t Pym pick on someone younger/fitter/more desperate? Like, if a 25yo tech whiz got out of prison in top shape, but couldn’t find a job anywhere?

    I guess it smacks of “Kingsmen” a little, and no one wants that. But still, it was fun, and i had fun. Any movie that uses Siri to play The Cure’s Plainsong during a fight scene is all right with me.

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