Matt’s Top Ten of 2012

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  1. Battleship already sunk don’t bother, but i’d love to here you elaborate on Entrance. My friend told me to watch it with my girlfriend as he is a fan. We watched it (holding out for what he said was a big reward at the end) and really loathed it. Can you provide some articulation on your positive sentiments for the film?

    Nice to see Bernie on a top list, I quite agree!

    • Matt Warren says:

      I definitely don’t think it’s for everyone. I really like movies that are able to successfully juggle a variety of tones. Tonal inconsistency is one of the main things that can sink a movie, and I’m always in awe when there’s something that does it well. Like Twin Peaks or Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom, to cite two TV examples.

      Entrance reminded me of the Duplass brothers’ Baghead, which is another movie I love that does something similar. Bit a lot of people hate Baghead, including Roger Ebert.

      I guess sometimes I like not knowing what kind of movie I’m watching.

  2. Daniel C says:

    I’m very happy to see this list. The Comedy, Girl Walk, Queen Of Versailles and Room 237 are barely on any lists and they’re all brilliant. I like this Matt guy.

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