Movie Meltdown: Ani Simon-Kennedy and the Short History of the Long Road

This week we round-out our coverage of Flyover Film Fest as we sit down and talk with director Ani Simon-Kennedy about her life as a filmmaker as well as her latest movie The Short History of the Long Road.

And as we decide if we’re going to live off the grid, we also address… Sabrina Carpenter, Bad Times at the El Royale, Straight to Hell, Wes Anderson, one of the directors of the Tribeca Film Festival, Darius Khondji, shifting landscape of how people watch movies, van dwelling, wonderful memories of small theaters and renting movies at the video store, Days of Gray,gigantic corporation with social justice cause with celebrity, my most addictive vice, Mark Friedberg, tonal music, the magician’s assistant, the great equalizer, how to manipulate people, Joe Strummer, saved up all my babysitting money, Fantastic Mr. Fox, a punk rock spaghetti western, Midnight in Paris, so many middlemen in the advertising industry, Cynthia Erivo, just the way she was able to think on her feet… was so much like the character, need people to be there, Chris Hemsworth, flexing those muscles, Girl Meets World, the detail built into the set design, how much that makes you into such a chameleon, all they do is drink coffee, would make these little shorts… and I was kind of the director by default, my favorite thing is a weird cult, Alex Cox, The Hate U Give, Woody Allen, would yell at me because I wouldn’t rewind VHS tapes, playlists for characters, production designer, crafting a capable character, in the art department, digital nomads and a post-apocalyptic silent film in Iceland. 

“…you know, I mean, it’s an indie movie and it’s about this very specific world, and we wanted to stay true to that… and Sabrina was like – all in!”

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