Movie Meltdown: Attack of Catherine Mary Stewart and Lance Guest!

This week we welcome special guest co-hosts Catherine Mary Stewart and Lance Guest as we play and discuss some songs featured in their movies over the years as well as some of their favorite soundtracks.

So join us as we put together one of the weirdest things to ever be committed to the airwaves, we also discuss… African dance, the orgy scene, showing up on her doorstep, shopping and shooting guns, if you’re a hippy… and you’re living in a park in Berlin… you get to go to Heaven with God, they wrote the original code, lots of guitars, I don’t want anything to do with my mom, suck on the mic a lot of the time, a computer the size of a room, there’s a lot going on in every scene in that movie, the change in pop culture, developing of texture mats for the computer rendering of the space scenes, what is this movie?, I always say… it’s not 1973, not 1975… it’s 1974. It’s very specific… the filmmakers… might dispute me on that, The Apple, being lovers all these years, it’s a function of time, the last girl on Earth without a date, convention oversaturation, The Disaster Artist of the Star Wars universe, the rest of you BIM mark idiots are going to be left behind, hey… aren’t you the guy in The Last Starfighter, I had to simplify my guitar playing, foraging for nuts in Studio City in L.A., the bled on the battlefield for people today, and if you are a politician that advocates abstinence please show your children this movie, a 5 month shoot, you are a savant, over-merchandising and marketization of the film business, non-freaky thing to do, Bernie’s dance, and I sit in the saddle, it’s like Dada performance art, the perfect relationship, growing up as a dancer and a tone-deaf mish-mosh of wait wait what are we doing?!

“It’s absolute heaven watching these musicians jam.”

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