Movie Meltdown: Hanging Out at The Bastion Is Truly Outrageous

This week we hang out at The Bastion and talk about movies… and other random things. And while we try our best to not get shivved, we also bring up… We Are Still Here, visiting abandoned places, Jeremy Irons sleeping in a teepee, golden harvest, hanging out in old prisons, The Bissman Building, The Amulet of Sauron, cell 13, the delightful and ever-so-stalkerish Lisa Marie, The Shawshank Redemption, it’s no longer oozing it’s no longer yellow, Lisa Marie, Dead Last, possessed Woody, order your home from Sears, Tango and Cash, the ability to see ghosts, eating lead paint, having a cool girl in your band, the weird coincidences of The Lone Gunmen, Argentinian television, reassembling Jem, killing weeds, Barbara Crampton, Lake Mungo, Tyler Labine is on a plane, here I am in a hole, while in the sub-basement of the floor, eating lead paint, so much Forensic Files, Air Force One, Vampire Steve, The Lady in White, fright film night of the days dead, Mr. Dark, the Devil is infected, the planet of Rick and Morties, Stranger Things, Vincent Schiavelli, he decided to set himself on fire, sad watermelon… it’s crying, ghostly Pam Grier, Watcher in the Woods and continental continuity.

“There’s a lot of things that I see that’s got blood all over the place.”

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