Movie Recommendation- Flirting

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  1. Wayne Boothe says:

    Glad you chose to spotlight this movie. It’s one of my favorite romantic comedies (that’s the correct category, right?)

    It follows the same path as a number movies in the category, including; fascination at first site, the awkward/bumbling first date, problems that separate them, and then the eventual reunification.

    At no point did I ever feel they turned to hijinks, which might have been easy based on the setting, and the age of the main characters. The problems faced by the characters
    seemed to be handled with care, which makes sense because of their age, and the social/political climate of the era.

    Also, great performances from Thandie Newton and Noah Taylor. I know Nicole Kidman subsequently became the face of the film for marketing purposes, but she really doesn’t do much here.

    I’ve recommended this movie to friends and they’ve all enjoyed it. I hope your readers do too.

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