Movie Recommendation- Law of Desire

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  1. Carlos says:

    I love “Law of Desire.” It was my first introduction to Almodovar at a time when I was studing in Spain, in conservative Seville of all places. I never saw it as gay film per se, and I don’t believe the Spaniards did either. In fact, I think Spaniards loved the film and Almodovar because after almost 40 years of Franco’s dictatorship, artistic repression was set free, and no one was leading “la movida” movement better than Almodovar. Moreover, he tapped into themes that are so important to Spanish, Latin, Western audiences, that is, the nature of masculinity (machoismo), the role of the church (Catholicism), the responsibility of freedom, the beauty of the body, and so many others. It’s a classic. I don’t love everything that Almodovar has done, but I certainly love this film.

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