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Movie Meltdown: What a Day for the Dollman

This episode we head back out into the world as we visit the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention. And after looking at all the toys, we then sit down to discuss the Full Moon Feature Dollman directed by Albert Pyun and starring Tim...


Titane: High Gear, by Scott Nye

I could describe for you the first half-hour or so of this movie, you know. It wouldn’t be unexpected in a review – reviews tend to discuss a film’s premise – nor, probably, entirely unwelcome if you’ve heard of it....


Patreon: Our Top One Hundred: 5-1

This week on the Patreon, Tyler and David discuss their five favorite films of all time. This episode is available to Patreon subscribers only. Tiers start as low as $2 per month. Become a Patron! Become a Patron!