Musical Notation: 2016’s Oscar-Nominated Songs

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  1. Dave S says:

    Great episode, I really love the show!

    I do have one argument with this episode. You say towards the beginning that a big problem with La La Land is that the film establishes itself to be theatrical and fantastical, only to end on a major realist note. Yet, you praise Sing Street, a film that does that exact same thing, only the other way around.

    The film starts off as reflecting the social realist issues that come with parents divorcing and being bullied at school (music is used by the main character to distract from these issues, as well as get the girl). Yet the last 10 minutes of the film wouldn’t look out of place in the middle of La la Land! I thought it was close to ridiculous how the film shifted from a mostly realist drama to two young people (completely unprepared) attempting to set sail in a row boat. They would have both died half way through the end credits! Of course, things like this happen in films all the time, but the tone of the start was wildly different to the ending. I don’t understand why you called La La Land out for doing this (which I agree with), but not Sing Street?

    However, I do agree that Sing Street should have got a nomination for best song

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