Musical Notation: 80s Soundtrack Corner: Repo Man

West likes soundtrack albums from the 80s and will occasionally play some of them at you! In this episode, West returns to the 80s Soundtrack Corner to play songs from the 1984 Alex Cox film Repo Man.

Music in this episode includes:

“Repo Man” written and performed by Iggy Pop

“TV Party” written by Greg Ginn; performed by Black Flag

“Institutionalized” written by Mike Muir & Louiche Mayorga; performed by Suicidal Tendencies

“Coup d’Etat” written by Keith Morris & Greg Hetson; performed by Circle Jerks

“El Clavo Y La Cruz” written by Tito Larriva; performed by The Plugz

“Pablo Picasso” written by Jonathan Richman; performed by Burning Sensations

“Reel Ten” written by Steven Hufsteter & Tito Larriva; performed by The Plugz

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