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It’s become increasingly clear that no movie will suffer from having Aubrey Plaza in it. That’s not to say she’s never been in a bad movie–remember that Child’s Play reboot?–but she’s never made any movie worse and she pretty much always makes movies better. So give her a great screenplay and solid direction, as writer/director John Patton Ford has done with Emily the Criminal, and you end up with something special and potent. Ford has plenty to say in his feature debut but Plaza helps him say it without losing sight of the human psychology and drama at the heart of his messaging… Review

Han Jae-rim’s Emergency Declaration is an action movie (among other things) but not in the scrappy and/or slick way that implies a lot of choreographed hand to hand combat or bouts of gunplay. No, it’s more of a throwback to the big budget American studio mainstream action films of the 1990s, evoking overpowering thrills and visceral tension via professional filmmaking and very expensive machinery and effects. Emergency Declaration is an action movie in the way Titanic is an action movie… Review

Also new to home video 11/29/22: Don’t Worry Darling, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon, The Silent Twins

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