Nocturnal Animals: Toxic, by David Bax

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  1. pogdog says:

    Interesting point in regards to horror vs psychological thriller. I can’t stomach a lot of horror, but I’m a huge fan of so-called psychological thrillers. As I watched Nocturnal Animals, the word that kept popping up in my mind was “terrifying”, in the strongest possible sense. And terrifying in a specifically human way – not simply the kind of terrifying that comes from a supernatural killer or slasher on the loose. That’s easier to rationalize away after the credits roll.

    Once Tony was forced to pull over on the highway, it immediately tapped into my psyche in a way that I haven’t experienced with most of the horror and psychological thriller films I’ve seen. So maybe that’s where the confusion between these two genres come from. Psychological thrillers are supposed to tap into deep-seated human fears, but a lot of them engage with that idea in a shallow way, not taking it to the logical, horrific conclusion like Nocturnal Animals does.

    Just discovered the podcast a couple months ago, really great selection of topics! Family members are really enjoying it as well.

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