Not Entirely Beneficial, by Charles Lyons

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4 Responses

  1. Louise Jaffe says:

    What insight and tremendous vocabulary you have! This is the best review I have read of this movie.

  2. Beth says:

    Wow, I had no idea “Easy A” was not written by Gluck. The clips I’ve seen of FWB and EA (which I’ve seen all of) just sounded so similar. Although the characters may talk too much or be “awkwardly—and pointlessly—overloaded with irony and self-awareness” I still find myself appreciating seeing movies being made where people made an effort to really write stuff. I know there are plenty of ones, and better than this, but for every “Blockbuster #16: Written by No One” that’s made it’s good to see people still want to be writers and make movies with actual dialogue (instead of just filler inbetween the action).

    • Hi Beth, thanks for the comment! I too appreciate the effort made by Gluck and co. to write thoroughly conceived characters, but for me both Easy A and, to a lesser extent, Friends with Benefits are significantly overwritten movies; Gluck and his screenwriters are simply trying way too hard, and it shows.

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