On Second Thought, by Tyler Smith

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3 Responses

  1. Richard Delman says:

    Does anyone remember a book called “The Rules”? It wasn’t that many years ago that women were reading it. Harvey’s book seems utterly plagiarized from it.

  2. Talika says:

    It’s a movie my goodness. It was funny and yes these are stereotypes, but because I have many friends, I know people just like the women in the movie. I just think that people who speak negatively about the film are hating, bottom line. And the movie made 33 million on the first weekend another fact.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I never really understood why “hating” is viewed as a dismissive term. Yes, I hate movies that are bad. What is wrong with that?
      And I’m always fascinated when a film’s box office is quoted as proof of its quality. It reminds me of a sight gag in “The Simpsons,” in which there is a poster that reads, “50 Million Smokers Can’t Be Wrong.”
      Merely quoting how well it did (especially when its chief competition was THE LUCKY ONE) does not qualify as an argument.

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