On the Rails, by David Bax

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  1. Travis says:

    I enjoyed this, but I think it was mostly in spite of the Apatowisms.

    I agree, I was pretty damned puzzled that Amy was supposed to be a TRAINWRECK of a human being when she is successful, seems to enjoy the way she’s living, and her biggest mistake is cheating on John Cena (which is bad, but come on).

    I think by now it’s pretty safe to say that Apatow has a surprisingly conservative view of what it means to be “happy” and lead a fulfilling life: take your DRUGS and BOOZE, get rid of it, and settle into a long-term monogamous relationship.

    And of course, there are scenes that seem to exist only to serve his celeb cameo fetish, really weird pacing, and it eventually settles into formulaic cliche.

    I still enjoyed it, because a lot of the comedy works so well–but this is definitely more Apatow than Schumer, which is interesting, considering she wrote it.

    And–John Cena, right?!? Dude’s come a long way since MARINE.

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