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  1. Barry says:

    I actually think Saul is easily better than BB and it’s not much of a contest. What were iconic moments of BB at the time, like “say my name” and “I’m the one who knocks” just don’t land now, they’re even kind of cringey to me. There were also a lot of dubious “back-engineered” plotlines in BB, like the poisoning of the kid…the writers said they’d deliberately back themselves in a corner and then have to invent a way out of it, and you can tell because it often barely holds together. It’s only through the quality of the production and the acting that you accept it. That may still happen on Saul but they just seem way better at it now, the seams don’t show nearly as much. And overall, Saul is just examining its characters through such a finer lens. I feel like there’s a rich subtext much of the time (especially with Kim) whereas BB felt fairly surface-level. I don’t know what “dumb shit” David was referring to in Saul but I haven’t really found myself thinking that

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      The “dumb shit” is exactly what you’re describing, the cringey lines and back-engineered plots. Even if they are better at it, that’s only because they fall back on it so often. Characterwise, I’m with you. Jimmy and Kim are both better than pretty much any characters on BB. But I liked the way the older show was still figuring things out. Especially aesthetically, there were still surprises. Now the look of the show is just what it is.

      – David

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