Patreon: The BP Mailbag – February

On this month’s mailbag, Tyler and David ask some important listener questions regarding director’s cuts, Mount Rushmore, and others! This episode is only available to Patreon subscribers. Tiers begin as low as $2 per month!

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2 Responses

  1. bob says:

    for the Rushmore question, i almost feel like it needs to be directors who invented genres, or typified their era of filmmaking.

    Chaplin or Keaton – probably Chaplin b/c of the iconic look makes a better monument
    David Lean or Kurosawa

    i think Ford counts as a foundational/original generation of filmmakers. If we’re going back to foreign silent films then we gotta go with…Murnau or Fritz Lang, in my opinion. Remember; Rushmore can be educational, but it mostly has to be ICONIC figures that everyone knows. Eisenstein has one movie that can be easily answered on Jeopardy, but that’s it. Lang has way more.

    Yeah, it’s an obvious list, but that’s kinda the point. TR’s only on Rushmore b/c he developed the parks system, but that’s like saying “It’s the house that TR built” and Spielberg (as a representative of his class of filmmakers) blew up the movie industry into the all-consuming black hole of fandom it is today. Would we discuss a Rushmore of Film if our generation hadn’t been brain-zapped into loving film by Spielberg’s generation? Plus: long, storied career, still active…

    the Gerwigs & Sofia Coppola’s and all the other “almost-but-not-quites” will be the parade of flags you walk thru to get to the Rushmore viewing point (have you ever been to Rushmore? the flags are pretty cool)

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