Personal Shopper: Dead and Living It, by Josh Long

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    The only other Assayas I’d seen was Carlos. Being a real person with a relatively well-documented life, there wasn’t any enigma to it. But since I enjoyed it, I checked out this film and was disappointed. There are answers suggested to many of the questions, but they aren’t very interesting. Even before the reveal at the end of the film, we know enough from the nature of the text messages to figure who they’re not from, and once we know that it’s simply in thriller mode of who could it be and what kind of threat could they pose. The thriller angle isn’t especially interesting because we don’t know or care much about any of the other characters, and when it is resolved there’s little catharsis. If the film had just focused on Maureen’s attempt to communicate with her dead twin, that could have been interesting, but instead it spreads itself thin across different areas and is effective at none of them.

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