Pokemon Detective Pikachu: Catchy, by David Bax

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3 Responses

  1. Panchomalo says:

    you are a disgrace and shame for all the reviewers and journalists, I just need to see your ugly face to realize the incompetent rat that you are, continue with your trash job, putrid garbage

  2. Serena says:

    As a huge fan of Pokemon who has been “into” the franchise for 20+ years… I thought the film sucked. It’s not just you, Bax. The plot was trimmed down and altered a bit from the plot of the Detective Pikachu game the film was adapted from (which was bad in-and-of itself for various reasons), but I felt the villain’s motive and plan was rather silly even for the source material. The only reason I was able to follow the plot was due to my experience with the aforementioned game, otherwise I’d have been just as lost. Not looking forward to them trying to squeeze a cinematic universe out of this.

  3. Myles Barros says:

    Very well said. Ryan Renolds did an excellent job as Detective Pikachu but the actual film was light on plot or cohesion as Tim and Pikachu went from scene to scene having everything explained to them. They really had no real significance for the plot until the end of the film and even many of the scenes and problems that they encountered resolved themselves without any input from our heroes. Even our protagonists were largely spectators to a product.

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