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Religious Horror Commentaries

Just in time for Halloween, Tyler, David, and several of your favorite guests got together to record commentaries about four iconic horror films. You can purchase these commentaries for $3 each, or buy all four for only $10! Please note...


Keanu Kicks Ass!

Tyler and David are joined by various critics and comedians to discuss four of Keanu Reeves’ best action movies! These commentaries are already available to Patreon subscribers at no additional cost.  Keanu Kicks Ass commentaries – $10 ———————————————————————————— Point Break...


The Christian Bale Rant

David and Tyler recently recorded a full episode about the infamous Christian Bale rant on the set of Terminator: Salvation. This episode is available to our Patreon subscribers. Click here to subscribe to the BP Patreon!


Battleship Pretension Patreon

Battleship Pretension now has a Patreon. All subscribers will be able to listen to weekly bonus episodes, with higher tiers also able to access previous premium episodes and commentaries, plus video! The Patreon account is the best way to support...


The Harry Potter Commentaries Part 2

It all ends! Tyler and David finish up their commentary series on the Harry Potter films! Featuring several of your favorite guests, it’s a magical time! Harry Potter commentaries (all) – $10 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix...


The Harry Potter Commentaries, part 1

Tyler and David have released their commentaries on the first four Harry Potter films. With a rotating roster of guest commentators, it’s almost ten hours of entertainment! Harry Potter commentaries (all) – $10 _________________________________ Sorcerer’s Stone – $3 _________________________________ Chamber...


Eaten Alive Commentaries!

The Eaten Alive commentaries are now available! Buy them individually for $3 each or together for $10! Please allow 24 hours for delivery. JAWS ($3) ——————– TREMORS ($3) ——————– JURASSIC PARK ($3) ——————– ANACONDA ($3) ——————– Complete Eaten Alive Commentaries...

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