Riddle Me This, by Tyler Smith

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  1. ChoAnn says:

    Hi Tyler!

    I really liked this blog entry. You really have an appreciation and rightly so. The riddler is an awesomely weird character. I can’t lie, Jim Carrey’s portrayal of him made me a fan. But I wonder if you’ve seen “the batman”? He’s completely redesigned to be this lethal force of both brains and a bit of brawn.

    Also, I’m sure you heard the rumors that at some point he was to be the villain in “the Dark Knight rises”. While I don’t know if that hold’s true still, who would you cast?

  2. Shane says:

    Hey there,

    Big fan of the show.

    As a lifelong Batman enthusiast (at the risk of sounding self-important, I’ll go ahead and say “scholar” too), I think you hit the nail right on the head with the Riddler. He may not be the most dangerous villian, or the most sympathetic, but he does occupy an thematic space that none of the other rogue’s gallery touch on much. What makes so many of Batman’s other foes so dangerous is the fact that they lack a certain amount of vanity, whereas Edward Nigma is ruled by it. That may not always make him an effective villian. But as you pointed out, it doesn’t make him an any less interesting one.

    There are too many Riddler haters in the comic book world. It’s nice to see someone stick up for him.
    Someone should write a piece like this for Crazy Quilt.

  1. February 23, 2011

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Anne Lawant, Tyler Smith. Tyler Smith said: Riddle Me This, by Tyler Smith. http://j.mp/hkionA […]

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