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Monday Movie: Father’s Day, by Rita Cannon

Every Monday, we’ll highlight a piece of writing from our vaults. This review of Father’s Day originally ran as as a home video review. Reviewing a movie like Father’s Day can be tricky. It’s produced by Troma Entertainment, the legendary independent company...


Rita’s Top Ten of 2018

10. Eighth Grade I put off seeing Eighth Grade for much of the year because, put simply, I’m not a fan of Bo Burnham. His work as a standup, while undeniably smart, mostly struck me as fatiguingly self-referential and apparently...


Apostle: Fake Followers, by Rita Cannon

Have recent news reports on the possibly inevitable ramifications of climate change put you in the mood to absorb some masochistically anxiety-stoking imagery involving the juxtaposition of lush greenery with horrific bodily destruction? If so, rush right out to the...

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