Rohmerathon: My Night at Maud’s, by Scott Nye

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    Also the only Rohmer I’ve seen, sparked by Dan Sallitt dedicating one of his films to him. One aspect I found interesting was how the atheist characters found more to admire in the relatively extreme doctrines of Blaise Pascal than the Catholic did. As a former puritanical protestant (which the Jansenists were sometimes criticized as resembling) turned atheist, I can relate. Too many reviews I read describe the protagonist as being very strictly religious, when it’s an important aspect of his character that he’s lax in some ways and essentially following (or not following) rules he’s made up for himself.

  2. Raj Bhattarai says:

    Excellent review and analysis, Scott! I agree with you. Rohmer himself said that his narrators in the moral tales are unreliable. They could be lying.

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