Sarah’s Top Ten of 2012

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  1. Aaron McMahon says:

    I don’t recall any melodrama in Snow White and the HuntsMAN.If anything these big budget fairytale mostly have a lack of drama.

  2. Michael Binstead says:

    Thank you Sarah for a wonderfully composed critique of these 10 movies. I must admit that I have seen only a couple of them and now wish that I had had the chance to see them all. Maybe I can get them on DVD, if I get a TV and DVD player that is. Here in Menorca we have a good movieplex, 4 screens, but the movies are mostly dubbed and our Spanish is not good enough for that yet. We did see Les Mis and the curiosity with that was that the singing was not dubbed but subtitled in Spanish, but the small amount of dialogue was dubbed. Why not subtitle all of it????. We both loved the movie by the way.
    Now for my shameless plug. Keep up with our lives at our blog. Go to;
    Love always Michael.

  3. Elizabeth Hunter says:

    I’ve only seen two of your ten (jealous of your movie-time, oh yes) but I like your reasoning!

  4. Doug says:

    Really good thoughts on your list of favorites! I, too, have only seen a couple, but you have whet my appetite for movies to watch at home. Thanks and keep the reviews coming!

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