Scott’s Top Ten of 2011

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4 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    This is a FASCINATING list. I’ve been trying to get a copy of Nostalgia For The Light for a while now.

  2. @Patrick: It’s available on Netflix + through the usual channels, as are six of Scott’s other choices.

  3. Mike says:

    Solid list. And all I can say to your summation of Margaret is: Amen! I do not think I have ever had the urge to break out my iPhone while watching a movie than I did with Margaret, call or text my closest friends and say: “I cannot believe I am watching this! ” Even while watching Margret I wanted to share it with people, let them know this is some kind of masterpiece and this should not be ignored for forgotten. For me, only Tree of Life bested it in terms of crazy ambition (having the birth of the Universe as a subplot in your little family drama tends to do that). Having both films in the same year is some kind of miracle.

  4. Scott Nye says:

    Mike – I had the same experience (and yes, any year with this AND Tree of Life AND Certified Copy must be too good to be true), except I was too glued to the screen to budge. But once I was out, I could not stop thinking/talking about it. Unfortunately, it was in theaters for too short a time (and in so few locations) that it was hard to get people pumped. Plus it had the stink that comes with all long-on-the-shelf projects. But the word is out, the people have spoken, and hopefully by now movie fans know that this is a landmark accomplishment, perhaps the most socially important piece of American cinema of the 21st century, and, whadya know, damn good drama too.

    SO…Los Angeles residents take note, it’ll be playing at the Silent Movie Theater January 27th-February 2nd. I’ll definitely be going at least once, both to support the film, and because I’m dying to see it again (never mind with an eager audience! The people at the press screening were not the most enthusiastic bunch). Check out the link below for details:

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