Scott’s Top Ten of 2013

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  1. Davide says:

    Finally! Someone who still likes Francis Ford Coppola’s films (which if you truly get his style of filmmaking, how could you not?) and man, I knew you loved Bay, but this is great!

    • Scott Nye says:

      Coppola is up there with Resnais and Malick among the best living directors, and not just because of four films he made over thirty years ago. His last three films – Youth Without Youth in particular – are the kind of singular, totally personal and truly uncompromising films that most directors of his stature like to riff about without ever actually, you know, making. As those things tend to go, it’s not too surprising that they’ve received the “Of course we want more personal, artistically-driven films, just not like this” response from most quarters. Only reason Twixt didn’t make this list in any “official” way was that it went straight to Blu, but I made mention of it there for a reason 🙂

  2. andyluvsfilms says:

    If you didn’t lose me at Star Trek then i was long gone at Trance, sorry.

    ps I adore Enough Said so you’re not all bad 😉

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