Sequel Saturday: 2015 Summer Sequel Smashes


The Hollywood Reporter made a fun infographic showing the top worldwide grossing flicks of the summer. Some of the results are surprising. Domestic flops performed rather well overseas. Other grosses are surprisingly soft for a Top 20 list. Let’s look at some of the other more interesting ones. All box office gross data is based on figures from Box Office Mojo

Jurassic World: The fourth flick in the Jurassic Park series grossed over $1.6 billion dollars. Guess we’ll be getting sequels. Let’s hope they don’t screw the dino as hard as The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III did.

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation: Tom Cruise’s franchise that’s a spinoff of a TV show still has staying power with its fifth installment. Grossing over $479 million to date, this flick has performed much better than some of his solo sci-fi ventures of late.

Terminator: Genisys: Although this fifth Terminator feature has grossed less than $100 million domestically, it brought in over three times that much overseas. The $409 million gross is solid, especially considering Terminator: Genisys’ budget was modest compared to Terminator Salvation.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Color me surprised on this one. It’s been three decades since the original trilogy with Mel Gibson graced the silver screen. Aside from being ripped off by such popular works as Fist of the North Star and Resident Evil: Extinction, there’s been little to keep the Aussie series fresh in people’s minds. Director George Miller of Happy Feet Two fame worked for over a decade to bring Mad Max: Fury Road to theaters. Stellar reviews and word of mouth carried this Max to a $374 million gross.

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