Split in Two, by Tyler Smith

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40 Responses

  1. Stevo Zigon says:

    To Jolie:
    Miss Angelina please learn history first and then make a movie because this is so stupid what you doing now. Find out how many Serbs were killed in that war and on what brutal way from the real terrorist Muslim forces… I’m not saying that there were no crimes on all sides in war, but you make big mistake if you think that only Muslims are right and innocent. Go little around the Srebrenica in a lot of villages and talk with some Serbian victims… I believe after that it’ll change your mind…

  2. Swagowitz says:

    This is American war propaganda to justify their involment with Muslim terrorists – Mujahedins, they are the real war criminals but they offered America more than Serbia, who is blindly expecting help from Russia – American “enemy”.
    Muslim muhajedins slayed Serbian children and pregnant women, they even have pictures with cut-off heads of Serbs. Muslim victim numbers were highly multiplied in this movie, as in the real events, where 2/3 of people on Srebrenica “genocide” list are still alive.

  3. Vedran says:

    American war-propaganda movie, ANGELINA learn something about history, shame on u…

    • WOLF says:

      The truth will never match the Serbs, and every truth-telling, by anybody, for them will be a propaganda! truth to Serbs, such as poles, which are slowly destroys.Angelina, congratulations on the courage to speak to one of the first and the truth puncture ears to those corresponding to only one truth that is just …. their truth.sincere congratulations and deep appreciation …

      • Battleship Pretension says:

        We apologize that this remark was published, then removed. The translation looked to be a little spotty (and still sort of is), so we wanted to make sure everything was okay. We assure you that this had nothing to do with the content of the comment.
        Thank you.

    • WOLF says:

      Vedran, you should learn the history that is unique worldwide and is based on facts, not “Serbian history” based on lies and myths … then you will see that the film of Andjelina true and based on a number of witnesses, mass graves, systematic expulsion and rape, which were designed in order to exercise the plan target-state division of Bosnia!!!Serbs …. for you, the truth is like a mirror, you can not break it if you do not like …. Anyway, the movie excellent …

      • shadow says:

        If you are an American, I understand you for your hatred toward Serbs. However you nations (American), which was created from provides ample olosa Europe (gey, thieves, killers)

  4. John Gezze says:

    Just have seen this film. Miss. Jolie is getting lost in space a little. Personally, I think she should have stopped with Lara Croft character. That suits her the best.
    Shame on you, and this TRASH of a film.

  5. Circulation says:

    Worst movie of a century.

  6. Zoran Michael Jovanovic says:

    I am a serbian imigrant in the US. My years pay is 500.000$ ,I have moved here for the jobs and for the chance of bigger success than back on the balkans.

    I can only say that people might start looking at me even more funny at first contact when I say I’m Serbian after this movie.

    The US has taken more than enough dump on the Serbs making them look like the only bad guys,it’s just becoming hilarious.

    Good review from an Americans perspective,as ussual! But if you only knew.. Oh well

    • Hillarious says:

      Wow, you should be glad that you get to live here and have the opportunities that you do. The reason why you can go online and bash the country you live in without fear for your life is because although it may not be perfect, it was better than the place you came from…considering you came here, rather than remaining there. Also, if Americans shit upon your country, why are you here? If you hate it so much, nobody is forcing you to stay. As an immigrant, I stand firmly by this statement.

      • Jelana says:

        Oh, no, American politicians systematically destroy all the world in order to get hold of various resources, so it’s quite fair to reside in America if we find it better.

      • egi says:

        Me make half a milion… You know, the fact that Serbs are bashing out this movie all over the internet (and you can see it by their names… Zoran, Vedran etc.) is just what they would do. All the war reports, all movies, all historical books will put them where they belong and that is at the very bottom of human kind. Sure, they can tell stories of how the Serbs were somehow always the victims, but damn that modern technology, we now have recordings of what they did during the last war, and it is a FACT that Serbs did commit all imaginable kinds of crimes against humans, including genocide, mass rapes, mass murders, ethnic cleansing etc.
        I bet you that half of these figures here and on imdb.com for example, have not even watched the movie, but that it just hurts their ego and the fairy tails about Serbian bravery, who have fought the century old enemy, the Ottomans aka the Turks aka the bosnian Muslims. Yes, my friends. Their sickness dates centuries back to the Ottoman empire and in their eyes Srebrenica genocide was justified for what the Bosnian Muslim`s predecessors “did to them five centuries ago”.

        So, it is not surprising that “a brave Serbian” will use any means to try to change the history, just so they don`t have to explain their acts, admit the guilt, or, God forbid, ask for forgiveness… You may notice that, they will always start with something like: “Look, there were crimes, but on every side…” Well, I am sorry but why don`t we just start by: “OK, Serbs did commit the crimes and we are sorry”

        Because no one else but the Serbs commited worst crimes against humanity in Europe since WWII. It was the Serbs who held the mass camps, it was the Serbs who organized mass murders, it was the Serbs who destroyed every building, every mosque even muslim cemeteries, so plase spare us from your pathetic outbursts at everything that tries to show the world what really Serbian bravery is all about.

        • Nik says:

          “all historical books will put them where they belong and that is at the very bottom of human kind”

          Yeah, right! And you are probably on top of that same list?! LOL

          Every nation have BAD and GOOD examples/people… You can’t generalize all the nation based on some isolated incidents!

          ” mass camps, it was the Serbs who organized mass murders, it was the Serbs who destroyed every building, every mosque even muslim cemeteries”

          You should be ASHAMED for lying and manipulating! I can’t claim about murders(there are many in every war, but NONE of these are ‘normal’ or desirable), but mass camps(on the contrary, Serbian people was victim of those many times through history), mosque/destroyed cemeteries(it was vice versa!!!)… I mean, really, SHAME on you… you brain-washed robot!!!

      • Nik says:

        You are mixing theses, which is not polite! The fact that your country is good for living(like in Zoran’s case) does not affect on some different issues… like hers (negative) influence on some other countries(for instance Serbia/Yugoslavia). American interest in Balkan exceeds(which is relatively normal) and overlaps interest of Serbia (in a negative context). You were caught lying and manipulating so many times…

      • Uros says:

        @Hillarious: if someone gets chance to come to USA and make a good living it is because he deserves that… No one will just give away 500.000$ every year to someone just because he loves him and every other human in the world – why don’t they pay a hundred bucks a month to every child in Africa? … Millions of immigrants were allowed to come to USA just to make cheap labor force and make those rich and obese asses even more rich (prefferably w/o getting more obese, cause they’ll have more time for fitness while others are doing their jobs)… Yes, the life is better in the States compared to most other countries, and immigrants are taking advantage of that – but so is the government – USA needs immigrants as much as immigrants need USA… So, it doesn’t mean that anyone should be quiet and happy about things he thinks are wrong, just because he got chance to live in America… And, if you think Zoran is unthankful, why don’t you apply for his job? I’m sure they’ll be glad to have more loyal citizen instead of him…

        • Uros says:

          A little correction: “those rich and obese asses” – I mean those who take advantage of cheap labor force – don’t mean anything about Americans in general… and sorry about the language, a was a little pissed off…

      • Hillarious? It sure is says:

        She is there just like any other immigrant with one purpose… To use America for her own benefit just like America is using the rest of the world for theirs.
        I suggest you quit being jealous of her salary and join the rat race, partner 😉

  7. djura says:

    go see you tube trailer and see how good this movie is… xD

  8. shadow says:

    If you are an American, I understand you for your hatred toward Serbs. However you nations, which was created from provides ample olosa Europe (gey, thieves, killers)

  9. WOLF says:

    The nation has nothing to do with facts.Opinions based on facts, there is also no connection with the nation.In other hand, thought that all the blame except the Serbs, and that the whole world is wrong and that only Serbs are right, certainly has to do with the nation -Serbian nation.

    • The Truth says:

      Not even half of World blames Serbs – that is a fact and you are far from truth. Fighting for freedom in WWI and WWII, both times more than 50% of adult Serbs died. Also than many countries were on oposite side, but staying on the right path, no matter what casualties are – that is something what realy has to do with the nation. More facts: Serbia had more than 450.000 refugees on 2001; In Slovenia the only who died are 44 soldiers of ex YU and 13 Slovenians, during war in Croatia and Bosnia died around 23.500 Croatians, over 140.000 Bosnians (as they call themselves now), around 97.000 Serbs out of Serbia and 2.000 Serbs from Serbia. These numbers never stop, I am sorry cause I know I cannot number them all. Just stay with facts while you comment – do not follow Angelina’s steps. In Bosnia there were less than 15% religious people before the war, but now we have less than 15% that are not believers. Those are some facts people should rely on.

      • WOLF says:

        The suffering of Serbian people in WW2 can not be an excuse for terrible crimes committed in Bosnia, including genocide! Other nations were also killed, and did not find it necessary to strive for the unification of all areas where they live, using the ethnic cleansing, rape, slaughter as a means to achieve these goals! Just read a few judgments of the International Criminal Court, and all your stories about the equalization of the blame falls into the water! Of course, if you want to know the real truth and not the one truth that Serbs, Goebbels methods, attempting to plant a whole world! Fortunately, without success, thanks, among others, Angelina Jolie …

      • Petar says:

        Ne budi lud. Laž.

  10. hajde says:

    The heaven nation is back. On all film critics sites is same story. Same propaganda like in war. Serbs is innocent but 150.000 Slovenien, Croatien and Bosnien people is just abortion, they have never been born.

  11. oblivious look it up says:

    I find it funny how radical and insane some Serbian people are. To say that the rest of the world is blind and doesn’t see the truth but apparently they have the real “truth” is comical. Blame your own soldiers and captains for wanting to have video proof, to proudly display to their fellow people, of brutal mass killings and concentration camps. The rape camps in Foca, Sarajevo…Concentration camps and mass murder in Prijedor and Srebrenica and you want to deny that!! Shame on you! And to bring up “Muslims” are you serious? Slovenians aren’t Muslim, Croatians aren’t Muslim. And yet you also attacked them so DO NOT BRING UP Muslims! Sram vas bilo naroda i Boga!

    • WOLF says:

      Truth breaks every myth! So, what is more, not only movies but also other forms of recognition, referral and referring TRUTH, it will be less people, “the Serbs” who would be inclined to believe their own lies! Least those brains not completely washed with “Goebbels” propaganda…

    • Nik says:

      @oblivious look it up: Do BRE spinovati, lie and speak only one side of the story! Em funny and your out lopuza, em is not nice …

      And I already wrote to you to see the movie A Town Betrayed, and under the leadership of the Muslim TESTIMONY Srebrenica at the time, Muslim journalists, UN workers, the USA military analysts and others to draw conclusions WHO’S CREATION, who had an interest in this story inflated (it was a crime, but absolutely not in those proportions and in such skills)! Why no mention of ‘Storm’, also qualified as acts of genocide, which resulted in ethnically pure Croatia, when he expelled more than 200 000 people, just because of their ethnicity? Why no mention of Jasenovac in which, 60 years ago, killing 700 000 people, by the very IDEOLOGICAL elite that initiated the conflict began, and 90 ‘(violations of the constitution and requisitions Serbs)?

      No one says that the crimes are happening on the Serbian side, it certainly was! In what war it is innocent? No! It is clear to all normal people … God forbid anyone, anytime, anywhere WAR! But that is led and still leads, (paid) dirty propaganda and media war against Serbia, and it’s true! After all, America is not something particularly emphasized contributing to peace at that time (even if they passed the law (!) In which absolutely prohibits financial assistance to the then Jugoslaciji (ie, which initiates the breakdown of the state and helping only specific / Independent State) , are thus further deepen the conflict and paved the ground for the start of the conflict) …

      And something else – as it has always been at war – Rinse flows of money and everything will be said – Who was the war, who initiated the conflict, where it was in the interest of the group were appressed to such developments and etc. ..

  12. Nik says:

    @WOLF: Hehehehe… I must say that you sound very, very funny, talking about some universal history, some ‘historic truth’, unique worldwide facts… I supose you never heard about propaganda, media war, PR agencies(?!), spin masters and all that follows conflicts beetwin two(or more) countries?! LOL
    Talking about genocide… I strongly suggest you to wathc this film – A town Betrayed! It’s a great movie made by MUSLIM journalists about war crime in Srebrenica(your/’worlds’ allegedly genocide)… You’ll see many testimonies(from UN workers, muslim town mayors/journalists, USA analysts…) in which thay are DENAYING the official version(the ultimate truth LOL).

    Bosnian war… there was much more to it than meets the eye. And it’s not very pleasant/polite hearing(or seeing) only one side of the story(as in in this film)… especially then, when director(Jolie – by the way, very beautiful woman) intentionally tends towards to fabricate history and continues to manipulate mass audience…

    P.s. There are no innocent sides in war, nor it’ll ever be… I(and majority of the Serb people) don’t hate anyone for being diffrent – skin color, nation, religion
    belief! There are all the same – human beings…

    P.s.2 And one more thing about ‘ultimate truth'(aka I’m bigger/stronger/more powerfull than you and my word is a low!!!) – Iraq, Libia, Avganistan… versions are all the truth, and nothing but the truth!? Yeah, sure…

    Modern ROBOCRACY(brain-washing)!!! Enjoy… I won’t!

    P.s.3 I almost forgot – FOLOW THE MONEY TREIL and you’ll find all the answers!!! Unfortunately 🙁

    • WOLF says:

      Let me tell you what is important! It is important that the whole world, thanks to this film, he knows the truth about the war in BiH.It does not really matter what you think of any aggression on Bosnia or on this film! P.S.Recommendation for you and like-minded: you can stand in front of the cinema hall after the screening and share flyers in which you explain to people how this is all a lie! OK?

  13. Mia says:

    My english will not be half good as your’s who comment cz u all come now from USA, but I just want to say one thing. I am Bosnian and yes I am proud to be Bosnian I spend my life in war in Bosna never go anywhere it was my choice not to leav my familly. So all of you who give comment about Angelina movie how un-truth is told SHUT UP PLS cz no one of you was in this war, was hungry, scared, sleep in basment eat one potato a day if u lucky, I dont want to talk more to you feel sorry for me, but I just want to ask you pls dont make any comments cz your country wasn in war I mean Serbia cz if like u said Bosnians kill you you would be in war same like us and not watching lies on tv, I know there is lies on tv both sides but what happend it happend is not fiction, and accept it, cz u can be mad and hate all world but u cant change the past.What you can do is make shore it never happend again and u make future better place.I watch movie and it make me mad hate serbs but then i said to my self they are not all the same I can not hate them cz if I do I will be the same like those who did all this.

  14. Miljan says:

    Ok, things are so simple. In this war 90000 people died, out of that 36000 Serbs and there were three sides in this war. No tell me how the hack these 36000 thousand Serbs died? Killing each other?! I am Serb from Sarajevo and still living here, I’ve been under Serb fire for 3 years but if I have to be honest many times that fire was justified. What are you people thinking that Muslim were sitting and suffering?!! They were attacking, killing and torturing like the others. From my building Muslim snipers were killing also Serb’s kids, woman and children. Somehow these stories are not coming out…

  15. Petar says:

    If anyone feels they need to know the truth about the war that took place over 20 years ago in the balkan region – then just look it up and read about it. I suggest wiki, or any encyclopedia.

    Don’t read about it on comment’s over a review of a romantic drama and expect much truth.

    • A.J. says:

      Yes, don’t read the comments and look it up yourself – you’d be better off without all the one-sided propaganda here and on other websites that reviewed this movie.

      • Battleship Pretension says:

        I’m going to assume that the “one-sided propaganda” to which you’re referring is your opinion of the comments, and not the review itself, right?

  16. Dalija says:

    If serbs were to find theirself ofended and anoyed by the truth, they should think before starting the war!Obviously, they have had a different agenda!

    From your comments it seems that you all understand that things such are rapes, killing, slaughtering, genocide etc. are BAD which makes you normal(otherwise you would be proud!) and that was what SERBIAN ARMY done!

    So, no matter what you say or do, that is something you will have to live with!!

    Best Regards 🙂

  17. Nik says:

    @Dalija: “From your comments it seems that you all understand that things such are rapes, killing, slaughtering, genocide etc. are BAD which makes you normal(otherwise you would be proud!) and that was what SERBIAN ARMY done!”

    I agree! But thinking, for just one second, that the only Serbs did it(in entire war), is also kind a stupid and one sided thought…

  18. Aston says:

    I don’t anything about this conflict or who was involved or even what part of europe bosnia is in. I have no background knowledge And I have no idea how reasonable or unreasonable the premise of this film is. I do know that it kept me a hell of a lot more interested then I thought I would be and it shocks how much I liked it. MY thought at the end was how did the director, pull It off? Now it seems to me that the main criticisms of the film are technical like the director didn’t follow specific film rules and that the romance was unfair to the war aspects of the film and I’m all: well if you love a fella on the side of your peoples enemy, that enemy force is winning, and you’re granted protection by continuating that love then why would’nt you? We’re people we want to live and we want to love, it seems dumbly obvious that the romance portrayed would transpire SOMEWHERE. I felt for the characters and I felt for the events, If pecking away at “balance issues” is enough to diminish me feeling that from a film especially a film that was a directorial debut, then I just don’t know what. I DID however find the little typewriter statements at the beginning and at the end to be a little indiscreet in their cause serving nature. Those should have probably had someone less..uhh, activist-womanish to proofread them for neutrality.

  19. Evan says:

    I followed your advice on the current show (come for the Blood & Honey review, stay for the rest) and WOW! I had zero interest in this movie but these comments are amazing. I wonder how many of them went through the Google translator …

    @Aston, you probably won’t ever come back and read this, but it is good to keep in mind an important rule of watching and reviewing movies. If the movie worked (for you), then you are willing to forgive all sorts of technical problems and plot-holes. If the movie didn’t work, every little problem will be nitpicked. It worked for you, but didn’t for Tyler. Tyler, as the reviewer, can’t just say “it didn’t work” and be done. He has to justify it a little and try to trace the source of his dissatisfaction. If it worked for you, there’s no source, etc.

    Thanks for the recommendation BP to come and read this. Also, nice try at humor in the middle. This review is so one sided!

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